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Date: 2018-05-05 09:08

Hello guys. While I cannot argue that for the most part, many of the companies that are mentioned in this blog are indeed scam companies there are a few out there operating exactly as they should be within the carbon market. What people need to know is facts about the market. Are carbon credits a suitable investment? not for most. It is an alternative investment. (i appreciate many of you would have been told something different)This means that it may or not become liquid. It is recommended that no more than 65 percent of your investment portfolio goes into these kind of assets as they are high risk high reward. The carbon market has many different types of credits. Some countries have active platforms for some credits but it is a very young market and you should be looking at anything up to another 5 years before any kind of trading platform is available to EU investors. To put your mind at ease I am not a broker but I do know a lot about the market. Many of you have an asset that still has a worth. You just have to wait until the market reaches liquidity for that particular credit in the EU. At the same time you are going to have to realize that anyone ringing you up trying to tell you they have an exit is lying to you and they are going to take your money from you. So sites like this have a place and a definite worth but they are lacking in terms of anything helpful to those that still have the asset. All you can do is wait. There are no quick fixes, you could be waiting years. The fact is the scam companies and criminals acting out there have poisoned public opinion on the market but the reality is, The market does not care. The market continues to grow and you need to start understanding exactly what your investment is doing. You are not going to find those answers here but i do appreciate there are few places out there you can. All i say is this. If someone rings you saying they can sell your carbon credits, they are lying to you. If someone rings you up saying that your asset is worthless, they are also lying to you. make sure you are speaking to people who can validate what they are saying and do not give money over the phone. Always run company checks on those contacting you and refuse to deal with someone who you cannot meet at their registered monitor have no doubt saved many of you from thousands of pounds but you still need to know what is happening with your asset because in 5 years time maybe sooner i believe you will all be able to sell your am happy to answer any questions that regard the market.

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